Poems of the Week

Uh, Run That By Me Again…

by Steve Bremner

(with apologies to Schonberg, Boublil, et Thenardier)

“[Oklahoma state Rep. Dean] Davis was charged with public drunkenness, a misdemeanor.
That afternoon, while on the floor of the House of Representatives at the state Capitol,
Davis insisted he had done nothing wrong…”
The Washington Post

Plastered in the House?
Sprawling on the floor?
Doesn’t seem too sure
Just what his legs are for?
Rolling in the aisles?
Isn’t too discreet,
(‘Specially when peeing
On the Speaker’s seat)?
Everybody loves our journos,
Thinks they always get it right.
Hasty bunch of geezers,
Jesus! Do they read the stuff they write?