Poems of the Week

Unhidden Echidna

by Ruth S. Baker

“Scientists have rediscovered a long-lost species of mammal [Attenborough’s long-beaked echidna],
described as having the spines of a hedgehog, the snout of an anteater and the feet of a mole,
in Indonesia’s Cyclops Mountains more than 60 years after it was last recorded.”
The Guardian

Spines of a hedgehog and snout of an anteater, charm of the devil and feet of a mole:
Long-Beaked Echidna, O dear little Attenborough, friend of the Cyclops, adorable troll:
Decades we’ve sought you through all Oceania; now you consent to appear to our sight.
Learn from this, Scientists: master your mania, don’t kid echidna, and all will come right.