Poems of the Week


by Julia Griffin

“Controversial Titanic floating door prop sells for $718,750
The much-debated door from the 1997 film, which only had room to save Kate Winslet’s Rose
but not Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack, has sold at auction”

The Guardian

What was it worth, that much-debated door
Which saved Kate’s Rose, not Leonardo’s Jack?
We know how much the owners sold it for;
Most of a million dollars in the black,
They must feel grateful for its buoyant power:
A gallant plank, compelled to be a boat
For one fair heiress in her darkest hour,
Now helps keep Planet Hollywood afloat.
Ah, what a turn about! This wood again
Is costly, only for the rich. Now dry
And safe, it can forget the sad refrain
Of “Jack!” that made a generation cry.
But though the door’s moved on, that bluish glow
Survives where Rose will never let him go.