Poems of the Week

What Magna Carta?

by Dan Campion

“The U.S. Justice Department… moved to assume responsibility for defending
President Trump in a defamation lawsuit brought by a woman who says Trump
raped her [in a department-store dressing room] in the 1990s.”


The President qua president denied
The charges lodged against the private man?
So says the DOJ, which has descried
Its duty to the man. Ingenious plan,
Some smile, while others’ tempers hit the fan.
Who knows how this new wrinkle will press out:
A fantasy, a saint, a harridan?
A dressing room, a cur, a pure Girl Scout?
Bill Barr apparently has shed all doubt
The President’s a sovereign emperor,
Thus once and always free to gad about.
A victim seeks redress for pain? Sod her!
The law was made to shield the head of state,
Says seneschal of Bergdorf Goodman–gate.