Poems of the Week

Who Knew?

by Nora Jay

“‘It was angry, vicious’: spate of squirrel attacks leave NYC neighborhood in fear
At least three people in Rego Park, in Queens, have been jumped upon and bitten by a possibly deranged squirrel”
The Guardian

It looked so darned attractive as it fluffed its golden pelt,
And then it started biting. Just imagine how I felt!
It turned out angry, vicious too, and possibly deranged;
And many of my neighbors now are acting quite estranged.

My dog would never trust it, so I shut my dog inside;
My cat looked very hostile and I think my hamster tried,
But when I saw those piercing eyes and opalescent teeth,
I simply had to go to it and cup my hands beneath.

And now we’re in The Guardian, and everyone’s aghast;
It hurt me, I’ve admitted it, but that’s all in the past,
And unity is what we want, so please let’s now forget.
The fact I fed it doesn’t mean this creature was my pet.