Poems of the Week

With Doctors Like This. . .

by Steven Kent

“DeSantis Names Doctor Opposed To Mask And Vaccine Mandates As Florida’s Surgeon General”
The Guardian

The sheep all follow what the other doctors say is true,
But not Ledapo—he thinks for himself!
Lose weight, eat veggies, exercise—that’s all you need to do,
And leave that “medicine” up on the shelf.

He went to Harvard, sure, but with an independent mind—
The course he charts is truly his alone.
Deep down he’s really one of us, and I believe you’ll find
He’s not some liberal “educated” clone.

I’ll grant right now the Sunshine State has lost a lot of souls,
With days of dark uncertainty ahead—
When our new surgeon general takes over the controls,
Who knows how many more might wind up dead?

But still we must remember, friends, what really matters here—
It’s freedom that we can’t let slip away!
And if it means you have to lose somebody you hold dear
Well, that’s a price we’re quite prepared to pay.