Poems of the Week

Worm Warning

by Ruth S. Baker

“Giant worm’s undersea lair discovered by fossil hunters in Taiwan
Scientists believe 2-metre-long burrow once housed predator that ambushed passing sea creatures”
The Guardian

Passing creatures of the sea,
Lend your inward ears to me!
Shelled or scaly, be aware
Of a deep, subsaline lair,
Where no flounder dare set fin,
Where no eel will slough its skin,
Where no squid elects to squirm,
Where awaits the GIANT WORM.

Ocean creatures, as you pass
Over this concealed crevasse,
Summon all your squamous skills:
Block your blow-holes, guard your gills,
Keep a close parental eye
On your small and tasty fry!
Nets grow loose and hooks unfirm;
Nothing worsts the GIANT WORM.