Poems of the Week

Zoom Etiquette

by Susan Jarvis Bryant

“Florida Judge Begs Lawyers: Get Dressed For Zoom Hearings”

When attending a conference at home in your room
on the boon of that technical app they call Zoom,
to emerge in your undies and pitch from your bed
is a frightful faux pas that is simply ill-bred.
Never greet at a meeting in anything less
than a brushed and flossed smile and sartorial finesse.

Do not slouch on the couch, it’s unseemly and rude,
and don’t ever appear drinking beer in the nude.
Please relinquish all fancies to fidget or fart;
remain pert and alert and as sharp as a dart.
Any brash, cyber crassness is at your expense
if you make others wince with an online offense.

When you’re minding your manners and covering your ass,
you will slay the Zoom forum with polish and class!