Sharon E. Svendsen


Straight Talk to the Pretty Cool Greek Dude

Don’t drink the hemlock, Socrates. Let’s blow town.
You know our fearless leaders are full of shit.
Let’s live a little, man, don’t be a clown.
I know a guy who owns a boat. Let’s split.
I know an island where there’s lots of chicks
and we can listen to some bitchin’ lyres.
That stuff will kill you man. Let’s hit the bricks.
Let’s kick some ass, man, let’s go light some fires!
You think that death is noble? Where’s your head?
And your accusers–would they die for you?
You think Greek youth will profit from your death?
What good is it? Man, it’s all plain cuckoo.
Don’t worry about that stupid little chicken.
This place is bummer city.  Let’s get kickin’.



Sharon E. Svendsen has a B.A. in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis from the University of Washington. Her poems and stories have been widely published. She ran two reading series for several years. Until she ran out of money, she published and edited a humor magazine called HA!. Sharon lives west of Bremerton in a very heavy house nested at the feet of very tall evergreens.