Victoria T. Murphy


Murphy’s Law, Improved

This time of year, it seems, the squirrel desires
To end his life squashed flat beneath your tires.
He dashes out just as you’re driving by;
It seems inevitable he will die.
But when you wince, imagining the thwack,
And in the mirror glance with horror back—
There is no corpse—How did that squirrel contrive
Against all chances somehow to survive?

Remember to be thankful for a lot:
So many things that might go wrong do not.


Victoria T. Murphy is a semi-retired English teacher. She lives in southeastern Connecticut and from time to time teaches a poetry class for adults at the Essex, CT library. She has been writing light verse since the age of seven, making her debut with a poem that started: “Merry Christmas to Mummy and don’t forget Pa/ With his pipe and tobacco but not a cigar.”