Anthony Harrington


Pray Pass the Mustard

Samantha Smythe, upon her knees,
Prayed to God for bread and cheese.

Suddenly there dropped from the sky
A hundred stale loaves of Jewish rye,

Quickly followed, like a rain of rocks,
By a ton of cheddar in earthware crocks.

There lay Samantha, nearly dead,
Her body covered with cheese and bread.

God heard Samantha’s prayer that day,
But answered in His joking way.

Anthony Harrington, exiled from Philadelphia to Alpharetta, Georgia, continues to waste his declining years writing stuff that sometimes scans and often rhymes. His collection, From the Attic: Selected Verse, 1965-2015, with 230-plus verses, is being held captive by Amazon. Please ransom a copy or two. (From the Attic is reviewed here.)