Anthony Harrington


A Few More Clerihews

Helen of Troy
Made many a man say, “Oh, boy.”
Few were lucky enough to get even a look out of her,
But Homer got a whole book out of her.

Dorothy Rothschild Parker
Made of light verse something darker.
Up her purchased-on-Fifth-Avenue velvet sleeve
She kept daggers, I believe.

Said Dr. Frederic Foley,
“Holy moley!
Look at this!
A way to carry a bag of piss!”

Anthony Harrington (1938-2024) was born and raised in Philadelphia, where he received a degree in Philosophy from St. Charles Seminary. He lived in the Atlanta area the last four decades of his life. His verse has appeared in Midwest Review, The Classical Outlook, Western Humanities Review, Light, Saturday Review, and other magazines. Examples of his verse have been used in textbooks by Robert Wallace and Miller Williams as well as in The Random House Treasury of Light Verse. His poetry volumes include Tersery Versery (Hendricks Publishing, 1982), The Man in the Goodwill Bin (Tinhorn Press, 1987), and From the Attic: Selected Verse, 1965-2015 (Kudzu Editions, 2015). He was an Associate Editor for the poetry magazine Calamaro.