WINTER/SPRING 2024 ISSUE: Table of Contents

We dedicate this issue to Anthony Harrington (1938-2024), a beloved contributor to Light and one of our first featured poets after the magazine went online. Our hearts go out to Tony’s family, his friends, and the many readers who looked forward to verse by the man A.E. Stallings dubbed “a modern Martial.” You’ll find two tributes by Alicia to Tony in our pages: a new poem, and an appreciation that she wrote in 2014. Also in this issue, we’re honored to share three of Tony’s final verses, a trio of clerihews.

On Optimism

Oh, obstinate is all human hope
Upon this dismal earth.
Even the undertaker’s wife
Keeps on giving birth.

~ Anthony Harrington

Cover photo: “Snowbirds,” by Melissa Balmain