Bruce Bennett


Calcata’s Treasure

“… The contents turned out to be one of the most unusual holy relics in history:
the Santissimo Prepuzio, the most holy foreskin, the prepuce of Jesus Christ
(and the only piece of flesh Christ could have conceivably left on earth)….”
Transitions Abroad

The Vatican stole it away
And hid it so well till this day
That no one can view
This relic that few
Acknowledge, or do with dismay.

Santissimo certainly. Yet
It is with a certain regret
The Fathers have bidden
It still must lie hidden.
Does anyone miss it? You bet!

It should be on everyone’s tour,
Since that’s what a relic is for.
Calcata could use it.
What tourist wouldn’t choose it
If replicas sold at the store?

Abandoned Cemetery

Our stones are tilted or have fallen down,
and everything’s disheveled and askew,
but no one cares, since nothing’s going on.
We’re past that time when what was dead was new.

Bruce Bennett is the author of numerous collections of poetry and poetry chapbooks. His poetry website is He and his work were featured on a recent Rattlecast, which may be found here.