Conrad Geller


My Robo Sweetheart

“The hypothetical applications of sex robots and related products, part of a field called technosexuality, seem endless.”—CNN

My lovely, plastic, technosexy mate,
I’m certain you were brought to me by fate,
for I was always meant for you, you see,
and you were manufactured just for me.

Your software pleases, hardware functions right
to make our interaction pure delight.
Responding to my kiss you’re never slow.
You never say your battery is low.

You came with every option: bras and thongs,
Alexa’s wisdom, Spotify for songs,
a compass for our treks through wilderness
and for the road, a handy GPS.

You do not badger me for this or that,
fight lengthy feuds about who feeds the cat.
My cozy love, you’re at my call and beck,
iWoman XXX, my sexy tech.

Conrad Geller, an old Bostonian, now lives in uneasy retirement in Northern Virginia. His verse has appeared in numerous publications, in print and electronically.