Curtis Franks


Haiku Poem Cycle

There Are No Words

Words cannot express
Just how much you mean to me,
Because it’s haiku.


I want to tell you
A secret, but I don’t have
Enough syllables.

Minimal Tribute

I hope you don’t mind
I wrote you this poem. It was
The least I could do.

Finding the Real Meaning

Read between the lines.
It’s easier than you think—
There are only three.

Lost for Words

What more could I say
That would make any difference
In so little space?

A Rose by Any Other Name

Although dahlias
Are both lush and dactylic,
Haiku prefers “rose.”

The Commonest Poetic Topics

One can say a lot
About love, death, and other
One-syllable words.

Poetic License

Now you can write as you please,
Subject to constraints.

Curtis Franks lives in Chicago, Illinois and teaches at the University of Notre Dame. He is the editor of the Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic.