Frank William Finney


Madame Geniality

“Prefer geniality to grammar.”
—H.W. Fowler

After his colonoscopy, she
made him a preposition.

He joined her with his semicolon
and made a mad dash for her—

fondling her nouns
till she agreed to the verb.

But the fool (let’s face it) had no comma sense.
No question mark needed: the sentence was harsh.

Her exclamation was right to the point.
She left him in the road with his modifier dangling.

Frank William Finney worked in Thailand as a lecturer in literature and writing for 25 years and is currently based in the New England area. His writing has appeared in over 100 publications, including The Daily Drunk, Grand Little Things, Millennial Pulp, Street Light Magazine, and Red Flag Poetry. His chapbook The Folding of the Wings is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.