Pat D’Amico



A conscience tap
Requires a lap
Around the hood
For my own good.
I’d rather sit
Or read or knit,
But I will walk
To thwart the clock
And trim the rump
And fuel the pump
So I won’t fold
Because I’m old.

A Current Event

My Fitbit and my phone converse.
Is this a blessing or a curse?
I’m monitored both night and day.
My sleep is rated yea or nay.
And then to make this work, of course,
I have to find a power source
So current flows and slowly swells
The phone and Fitbit’s charging cells.
Someday, when this has all transpired,
I may get tired of being wired.

Lamenting the End of a Relationship

How close we were; our lives entwined:
How could this fool leave you behind?
I miss your charming face so much—
Your intellect—your voice—your touch.
To love again? I’ll have to chance it,
Dear phone I lost on public transit.

Pat D’Amico is a former school teacher who lives in Kirkland, Washington. Her verses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Saturday Evening Post, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Light, and Lighten Up Online. She contributes regularly to Northwest Prime Time, a newspaper for readers over fifty in the Seattle, Tacoma area.