Max Gutmann


Over the Line

There was once a young man who was vexed
That his girlfriend was so oversexed.
When the couple was done
With their intimate fun,
She would shout toward the living room: “Next!”

Because It’s There, Too

Pair atop, there atop,
Edmund P. Hillary
Marveled from Everest,
“Wow! What a view!

Frankly, though, buddy, I’ll
Next time choose something more
How about you?”

Luke Warmth

Anakin Skywalker
Shattered our hero with
“Luke, I’m your pop.

When’s your gratuitous,
Father’s Day negligence
Going to stop?”

Max Gutmann has contributed to dozens of publications, including New Statesman, The Spectator, and Cricket. His plays have appeared throughout the U.S. and have been well-reviewed (see His book There Was a Young Girl from Verona sold several copies.