Paula Mahon d’Entremont


Driven to the Mall in December

(with apologies to John Masefield)

I must go back to the mall again, for the holidays are nigh
and all I ask is a parking space with direction posts nearby
in a covered lot, or a shoveled spot with room for a Chevy van.
There are two more days till the 25th and I have no Christmas plan.
I must go down to the mall again for the lure of the discount sale.
There’s just empty space ‘neath my Christmas tree, and I simply cannot fail.
And all I ask is some helpful clerk and ample stock for buying.
If there’s nothing left or the cost’s too dear, there will be a lot of crying.
I must go back to the mall again for the twinkling Christmas lights
that bedeck the trees and storefront shows of holiday delights.
I have had it with the crowds and lines; I’m no happy shopping rover.
I can’t wait till the 26th when the holidays are over.

Paula Mahon d’Entremont‘s poems have been published in The Lyric, The Road Not Taken, Parody (many times), and Naugatuck River Review, where she was a finalist in the narrative poetry contest.