Peggy Landsman


Tossin’ & Turnin’

Robert Frost
Turned and tossed.
Both his left side and his right
Became acquainted with the night.

The End Is Near!

Theoretical physicists, depending on which theory they are proponents of, believe
the universe will end between 2.8 billion and 200 billion years from now.

From the start, it was always too late,
No way to avoid our world’s fate.
Big Chill or Big Rip,
There’s an end to this trip.
No hurry. Don’t worry. Just wait.

Peggy Landsman is the author of the full-length poetry collection Too Much World, Not Enough Chocolate (Nightingale & Sparrow Press, 2023), and two poetry chapbooks, Our Words, Our Worlds (Kelsay Books, 2021) and To-wit To-woo (Foothills Publishing, 2008). She lives in South Florida, where she swims in the warm Atlantic Ocean every chance she gets. A selection of her poems and prose pieces can be read on her website: