Poems of the Week

A Piece of Work

by Mae Scanlan

The news, in case you haven’t heard:
It’s Infrastructure Week!
It’s time, says Trump, to spread the word;
Our underpinnings creak.

It’s all the fault of Democrats,
Our rotten roads and bridges,
Our water lines and power plats
That once were so prestigious.

But Trump will reconstruct them all
Until they glow and gleam;
The finished products, large and small,
Will cap a nation’s dream.

I say, to Trump, forget the bricks,
The mortar and the stone;
The infrastructure you must fix,
Quite simply, is your own.

You need a remake, foot to hair,
Before you can pass muster;
We need to know there’s something there
Besides your tweets and bluster.

Hey, you’re the builder—get to work;
Transform the basic You.
And when you’ve changed to prince from jerk,
We’ll see what you can do.