Poems of the Week

Actors’ Equ(in)ity

by Julia Griffin

“I’m saying this horse knew me,” Neeson said… “He actually remembered me from another western we made a while back … He whinnied when he saw me. And pawed the ground.”
—The Guardian

Liam? Ah yes. I perfectly recall
How I observed him hanging round my stall
All through the shoot… It was a Western, so
We needed humans (all quite safe, you know!).
So now he’s back? I hope I’m not aloof;
I can’t, however, claim I raised my hoof
At his return—and let me, if I may,
State categorically, I did not neigh.
Still, never mind. I’m happy to provide
A co-performer with a source of pride;
For they have feelings too, let’s not forget:
The animals one works beside on set.