Poems of the Week

Cow Cuddling

by Bruce Bennett

“Cow cuddling has become a thing for lonely hearts in the pandemic”
—The Washington Post

Adorabull and Moonicorn
(who has a single eye and horn)
are two among the gentle crew
who—for a price—will lie with you.

“They’re just like happy pills,” and yes,
those who have lain with them profess
the joy they give, and consolation,
amid the rampant devastation

we all have suffered from. Let’s praise
these selfless beasts who lend our days
such comfort! They are warm and wise,
and when we gaze deep in their eyes

we feel a bond that makes us sad
to think of all those steaks we’ve had,
or worse, how we’ll enjoy the bunch
of hamburgers we’ll have for lunch.