Poems of the Week

Walrus Wanderer

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“Arctic walrus off Ireland’s coast proves a rare sighting”

Whilst snoozing on an iceberg, you must guard
Against the chance of sliding out to sea,
Lest you wash up so far from your back yard,
Returning home is tough to guarantee! …
Unless … you have a mind to wander far,
Since walrus adolescence is the time
When you assess how strong the others are
And, if you’d lose a fight, await your prime,
Not where they’d beat you up, but far off south,
Down by the coast of Kerry on some rocks,
Enchanting locals, while you stuff your mouth
Rapaciously with clam and mussel stocks,
Engorging on delights from Dingle Bay—
Resolved to reach a tonne, then glide away!