Poems of the Week

Cummings and Goings

by Brian Allgar

Dominic Cummimgs, Boris Johnson’s chief advisor, made a return trip to Durham during the lockdown. Three members of the public are bringing private prosecutions against him. One of them said: “What Cummings did demonstrated that at the moment in the UK if you are rich and have powerful friends the law doesn’t apply to you.’”

Cummings is a-going out;
Confinement doesn’t suit him.
Disgruntled voters have no doubt
That Boris ought to boot him.

Cummings is a-going out;
“My son needs care,” he smiles.
“The trip to Durham,” people shout,
“Is several hundred miles!”

Cummings is a-going out;
“Of course I am!” he chortles.
“The rules that I’m allowed to flout
Were made for lesser mortals.”

Cummings is a-going out;
He snarls at his accusers.
“I’m privileged, I’ve got the clout,
So bugger off, you losers!”