Poems of the Week

Driving Reign

by Nora Jay

“The French are the road-rage champions of Europe, according to a survey…
One out of 10 French drivers believes it is ‘every person for themselves’ on the roads…
which can emerge as bad behaviour towards other drivers who have upset them,
including insults and swearing. …
The Swedes were mostly likely to drive too fast and the Spanish the keenest to use their horns.
The Greeks topped the list for dangerous road behaviour and the British last.”
The Guardian

Do you fancy a Frankish tantrum
On the perilous Périphérique?
Can you take the strain
Of the horns of Spain
Or the swerves of a texting Greek?

O it’s sauve qui peut for Parisians,
Face red, knuckles white, speech blue:
And the swinging Swede—
You should see him speed!
But Brits—what a dull, dull crew.