Poems of the Week

Dashing Away

by Nora Jay

“Britain’s Prince Philip has been spotted driving without a seat belt just 48 hours after his car crash in which the 97-year-old’s Land Rover flipped onto its side. … The husband of the Queen emerged uninjured after the crash on Thursday, according to a statement from local police. “

Prince Philip, husband of the Queen,
Has just permitted to be seen
(Undaunted by his last week’s welts)
Blithe disregard for safety belts.
Through Norfolk’s would-be-tranquil glades
He roared, unbelted and in shades:
A thing, it’s fair to say, which few
Nonagenarians would do.
This time, it seems, he did no harm:
He broke no younger driver’s arm,
Nor overturned his Rover (which
Is pricey, even for the rich);
But still we’re asking how we feel.
Should HRH command the wheel?
Reports fly forth, not quickly skewered:
Is Philip licensed? And insured?
All round the Sandringham estate,
Maturer drivers hesitate
Between dislike of accidents
And something else—a secret sense
That even such a great grandee
May long, just sometimes, to be free:
To ride once more as Phil the Greek,
The master of the narrow squeak,
Escaping what so long he’s been:
Prince Philip, husband of the Queen.