Poems of the Week

Welfare Bread and Government Cheese

by Ruth S. Baker

“If the government is not reopened before March, millions of Americans who receive benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—the nation’s food stamp program—could have their assistance disrupted.”—CBSN

What’s gonna feed me till I’m dead?
Government Cheese and Welfare Bread.
I’ll survive ’long as I got these:
Welfare Bread and Government Cheese.

Government Cheese got a nice warm glare:
Looks a lot like the President’s hair;
Welfare Bread’s got a good fake smell:
There’s that Washington style as well.

Ain’t no hobo, ain’t no Red;
Don’t ask nothing but Welfare Bread.
Work all day till I’m on my knees;
Don’t take away my Government Cheese.

Shut the Government? I don’t know
Where that Welfare Bread’s gonna go;
Lay off paying your employees?
Who’s gonna truck that Government Cheese?

Tell the President, grant us please
Welfare Bread and Government Cheese!
God help the working family fed
On Government Cheese and Welfare Bread.