Poems of the Week

Election Season

by Anna M. Evans

New Jersey is one of only four US states that hold their legislative elections in odd-numbered years and thus have a statewide election every single November.

It’s fall, but all the trees still have their leaves on
in shades of orange, burnished bronze, and red…
…so that must mean that it’s election season.

When I moved here I didn’t need a reason
to drink in beauty—Look around! I said,
It’s fall, and yet the trees still have their leaves on!

At first, I settled gladly in a region
where leaves turn stunning right before they’re shed.
Now, it just means that it’s election season—

the lawn signs, and the mailers, and the legion
of lying TV ads, the “Talking Heads.”
It’s fall, and though the trees still have their leaves on

I pass them by, and not a single frisson
of joy will pierce the existential dread
that weighs me down each new election season.

The President may have committed treason.
No wonder that my peace of mind has fled!
It’s fall, and while the trees still have their leaves on,
that simply means (now) it’s election season.