Poems of the Week


by Ruth S. Baker

“[A military dog] … chased Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi into a tunnel before he [Baghdadi] detonated a suicide vest and died. Intrigue about the dog began building after the president disclosed that […] the dog was injured. … ‘Our canine, as they call — I call it a dog, a beautiful dog, a talented dog — was injured and brought back,’ Trump said.”
—The Washington Post

“A spy stole ISIS leader Baghdadi’s underwear for DNA test, Kurds say”

The Kurds (no angels, as we know)
Still brought us news it’s good to know:
Baghdadi’s shorts were snatched away
And tested for their DNA.

Who made the link from briefs to man?
Some scientist, perhaps (they can),
But this terse tweet from Trump suggests
Less posh identifying tests.

Some lodge their talent in their minds,
But talents come in different kinds,
And much though DNA may tell,
There’s nothing quite so sure as smell.

Who caught Big Daddy in the end?
Some famous SEAL? Forget it, friend:
A selfless canine, on his shift,
Chased Someone down a hole, and sniffed.