Poems of the Week

Faucial Advice

by Alex Steelsmith

“I would urge the leaders, local, political, and other leaders … to be as forceful as possible in getting your citizenry to wear masks.”
—Dr. Anthony Fauci on C-Span

“Australian Medical Association president Tony Bartone said every person in areas of community transmission should use masks.”
—Australia’s SBS News

Doctor Tony Fauci’s facial
mask advice is simply spatial.
Covid covets oral spaces
gaping from uncovered faces;
aerosols covertly hover
over throats devoid of cover,
lured by glistening pharynges
into cavernous larynges.
But for masks, at any second
droplets may spelunk as beckoned
downward into vital hollows,
aided by the host who swallows.
Knowing this, you won’t be grouchy
following advice from Fauci.
Keep in mind that even Aussies
cheerfully protect their fauces.