Poems of the Week

Florida Fail

by Iris Herriot

“Two US women pose as ‘grannies’ to skip vaccine queue
Two women aged 34 and 44 attempted to pass as over-65s in Florida in order to jump the queue
and receive their Covid-19 vaccines ahead of schedule, authorities have said.”

BBC News

Desiring to avoid the queue,
We posed as grannies (as you do)
And trotted to the interview
To get our second jab (of two),
But up the whole thing sadly blew:
Our smart disguise was soon seen through,
And Florida now wants to sue.
Was it our gait? Our choice of shoe?
Oh no. Just blame two youngsters who
Forgot how thickly grans accrue
Round here. They must have seen a few,
If not a veritable slew,
Those vaccine guys! They know. They knew.