Poems of the Week

New York Dodger

by Nora Jay

“Dominion hired the process servers to hand Giuliani its 107-page lawsuit after [he] ignored
requests to simply accept it via email …
A doorman … locked the door to the building whenever the former mayor entered the lobby. …
[D]uring a nasty winter storm …, the doorman … waved to a Ford Explorer SUV parked down the
street. Giuliani got in the passenger seat and closed the SUV door as a process server lunged
forward with a bag full of documents. …
At one point, his driver went through a red light while dodging the process server, according to
the account.”
Daily News

I would not, could not from my doorman.
I would not, could not from George Foreman.
I would not, could not on the Net
I would not, and I have not yet!
I would not in an SUV:
I would not let my driver be;
I would not stop for snow or night.
I would not for a traffic light.
These writs are just a sham! I am
Not in a jam. Nor on the lam.