Poems of the Week

Gentle Thanksgiving

by Bruce Bennett

“ …visitors on Thanksgiving Day get to tour the farm, enjoy pie
and hot cider, cuddle with the turkeys and feed them treats such as cranberries and grapes… ”
The Washington Post

“Come snuggle with a turkey.
We do at Gentle Barn.
Okay, yes, it is quirky,
but it’s rewarding. Darn,

Don’t say you won’t adore it,
but if it’s not for you,
we’ve got the answer for it.
Our cows will snuggle too.

So will our horses, donkeys,
our llamas, sheep, and goats.
You won’t see them as flunkies
as you cling to their coats.

You’ll see them as your brothers
and sisters. You’ll know why,
as you embrace those others,
we serve our turkeys pie.”