Poems of the Week

Getting Our GOAT

by Bethany Mootsey

“Simone Biles… became the first woman to compete a Yurchenko double pike, a vault so difficult
few men even attempt it. She is pushing the boundaries of her sport… . Yet, based on guidance
from the [International Gymnastics Federation], judges at the U.S. Classic gave her new vault a start
value—the measure of its difficulty—of just 6.6 points. Pretty much everyone agrees that woefully
undervalues the skill.”

—Opinion in USA Today

Simone, all alone in a league of her own,
The goat who can float like a boat in the bay
While the sheep stand and weep, for the water’s too deep,
Simone, rhinestones sewn, braves the waves, sets the tone.

Simone in the zone is a queen on a throne.
Why vote to demote Biley Goat’s deft display?
“We must keep all the sheep from attempting the leap,”
Herders drone in the tone of a dull chaperone.