Poems of the Week

Growing Minds

by Julia Griffin

“Bigger classes? Yes, but pupils have got bigger too, say UK teachers
Union delegates say walking into class is like entering the land of the giants”
The Guardian

I press my shirt, I pack my bag,
I clasp my parking pass,
And off I set for Brobdingnag
To teach my morning class.

A kindly pupil picks me up
And sets me on my chair;
Another lifts my coffee cup,
With admirable care.

I thank them (through my megaphone),
Then raise my yard of chalk
And write a quiz (which means, I own,
A rather dusty walk).

They rarely sulk or answer back:
They fear to make an F;
And thus they’re careful not to snack
On chips that make me deaf.

What souvenirs (conceive the size)
I’ll have when I retire!
—Though when I do, I will advise
A somewhat higher hire.