Poems of the Week

Heroes and Losers of the Trumpandemic

by Orel Protopopescu

In the midst of this pandemic,
lo, behold a silver lining!
Dauntless voters of Wisconsin,
keep resisting, haloes shining!

To the hospital employee
ranting at the Trump supporters
blocking access to his work site:
Love to you, your sons and daughters!

Trump told states to buy equipment,
then he stockpiled it for FEMA.
Now he forks it out to those who
share his mental lymphedema.

He takes sanctioned “gifts” from Russia,
fires our best and rants non-stop.
How can heroes fight contagion
with sick outbreaks from the top?

All you MAGA wearing plotters,
all you pistol-packing mobsters,
while you’re scrounging for a living,
can you guess who dines on lobsters?