Poems of the Week

King of the Ring

by Dan Campion

“They actually fought us.”
Donald J. Trump

Who can I name to take the blame
For what I didn’t do?
Who can I jab and twit and shame,
Then throttle strongly? Who?

Who’ll be my punching bag on Fox,
Besides old Sleepy Joe?
I know! I’ll rabbit punch those docs,
The W – H – O.

I’ll work them on the ropes awhile,
Then open up a cut
That bleeds profusely, Rocky–style
And worries their eyes shut.

I’ll claim I’m fighting mutiny,
While pummeling my foe,
Those healers who won’t kneel to me,
The W – H – O.

They’ll cinch the champion’s belt around
My middle—crown me King!—
Because I had the guts to pound
WHO’s doctors in the ring.