Poems of the Week

High Tech

by Alex Steelsmith

“A new, improved [weather station] has been deployed at the roof of the world…
about 131 vertical feet below the [Everest] summit… Though the trek to install
the station was not without risk, it would yield direct benefits… Tenzing
[Gyalzen Sherpa, one of the climbers who installed it] puts it simply:
‘We save more climbers’ lives.’”
—National Geographic

Hazardy blizzardy,
weather technology
perched in the death zone is
put to the test;

manifestations of
pummeling Everest
don’t everrest.

Supery dupery
Tenzing the alpinist,
risking his life on a
lifesaving quest,

sums up its benefits
Sherpas who summit can
summit up best.