Poems of the Week

Is Everything OK?

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“’Is everything okay?’ … is the question politicians, newspaper headline writers and much of social media were asking Tuesday, after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost his place in his notes for 20 seconds while delivering a speech… then imitated the noise of a car engine and, perhaps most bizarre of all, spent an awkwardly long time declaring his love for the popular amusement park Peppa Pig World.”
The  Washington Post

Is everything OK with you, PM?
Should Britons worry you have lost your grip?
Embarrassed colleagues doubt your stratagem—
Vroom, vroom, rah, rah” sounds not like statesmanship!
Excessively loquacious cocky jaws
Refrain from asking for forgiveness, though
You did it thrice in 20 seconds’ pause—
That’s why we ask: Can you still run the show? …
Has Peppa Pig been bossing you around,
Insisting you promote her southern fief?—
Northeasterners, excused for having frowned,
Greet your charade with silent disbelief! …
OK, PM? … Or has your mojo gone
Kaput—is that why you just ramble on?