Poems of the Week


by Nora Jay

“Piers Morgan has taken aim once more at Meghan Markle, this time decrying the Duchess of Sussex
for writing [a] children’s book. …
Last month, it was reported that Markle was assembling a legal team to respond to Piers Morgan’s
numerous claims about her.”

The Independent

Which do you favor, of Meghan and Morghan?
Meghan, according to Morghan,’s a gorghan;
Morghan’s all jarghan and sloghan, says Meghan:
A wannabe mate who was told to go beghan’.
So Morghan continues to blast like an orghan,
And Meghan’s still waving her lawyers at Morghan,
But this is a squabble in need of no eghan’;
No meghaphone needed for Morghan or Meghan.