Poems of the Week

No Flowers for Florida

by Julia Griffin

“Florida teacher fired for asking students to pen [their own] obituaries for active shooter drill”
The Guardian

Here we lie, Orlando’s young.
Outrage pours from every tongue,
While each politician shares
Prayers and thoughts and thoughts and prayers.

I was nearly seventeen,
Which is more than some have been.
Ask DeSantis, passer by,
How he thinks a child should die.

Mourn for me but don’t, for shame,
Think about assigning blame
Just because the GOP
Loved its firearms more than me.

Guards patrolled our school all day;
Shooter got us anyway.
Buy a better, bigger gun!
That is all that can be done.

These obituaries made
Legislators quite afraid.
Who imposed this? they inquired,
Found the teacher, charged, and fired.

Stranger, learn what killed Grade Six:
Bullets, pride, and politics.
Tell our rulers, when they cry:
We lie still while you still lie.