Poems of the Week

Norton Panthology

by Nora Jay

“[Rosaleen] Norton eked out a modest living selling her art, and putting spells and hexes on people.
Her story has been captured in a new documentary …

The fascinating story of Norton’s life may have been lost had it not been for the commitment
of Sonia Bible to bring it to the screen.”

The Guardian

Prudes and prigs were unforgiving,
Yet, for all you may have heard,
I eked out a modest living
(“Modest”’s an elastic word),

Painting demons of all sexes,
Holding trances, working spells,
Selling art and placing hexes
(Just on people, no one else).

On I eked, through law and libel,
Prayed to Pan each Hallowe’en,
And behold! A human Bible
Now promotes my word on screen.