Poems of the Week

Papal Longevity

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“Pope Francis says secret to a long life is no exercise, daily naps and classical music”
The Irish Post

Pope Francis does not like to exercise,
As it would leave too little time for sleep:
Postprandial siestas, in his eyes,
Are sacred rites a pope is bound to keep!
Lord knows, at eighty-four, he’s going strong:
Longevity prevails, but not the gym.
Old J.S. Bach is why this pope lives long—
Non-Catholic composers rock for him!
God’s on his side, and after lunch, so’s he,
Enrobed—though shoeless, he won’t doff his gown.
Vin rouge and pasta seem to be so key,
Inducing this life-lengthening lie-down! …
The sedentary pope prompts doctors’ fears—
Yet he may still outlive them all by years!