Poems of the Week

Pub Work/Pub Life Balance

by Steven Kent

“What’s it like working from the pub? Well, the beer numbs your cost-of-living anxiety”
The Guardian

Hey, boss, you hear me now? Okay,
Let’s talk about this merger deal.
Due diligence I’ve done; I feel—
Kate, give me fish and chips today.

Where were we? Right, the merger mess.
I really think we should proceed;
We’ve got the funding, now we need—
Kate, how about a Guinness, yes?

So here’s the thing, Boss, I won’t lie:
The competition’s closing in,
And if we ever hope to win—
Kate, I could go for shepherd’s pie.

Hold on, you’re telling me right here
I’m off the project? Reason is
I’m too distracted for this biz?
Hey, Kate, I’m gonna need more beer!