Poems of the Week

Rock and Roll

by Ruth S. Baker

“Etienne Naude, 19, placed a slice of white bread on the ground at Bucklands Beach in Auckland, using longitude and latitude to ensure he was precisely opposite a volunteer he had found in the south of Spain after posting for help on Reddit.
The two men—total strangers—had 12,724km of earth between them, creating an ‘earth sandwich’.”
—The Guardian

Two strangers, mapping out its girth,
Have made a sandwich of the earth.
In Bucklands Beach and southern Spain,
They framed the whole terrene terrain,
Encompassing a lavish heap
8,000 miles (or almost) deep
Of dusty mantle, rocks ablaze,
O2, Fe, and mayonnaise.
Two well-positioned satellites
Observed this heartiest of bites,
And YouTube’s now put all on show:
The least exclusive club we know.