Poems of the Week

Smiling Through

by Julia Griffin

“The Queen has said the UK ‘will succeed’ in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic, in a rallying message to the nation.”
—BBC News

(to the tune of “We’ll Meet Again,” which the Queen referenced in her speech)

We’ll meet again,
Swore the Queen, See you then.
And somehow, although four thousand miles away,
I felt less blue
(It’s something she can do),
Though the dark clouds seemed no less resolved to stay.

We’ll meet again,
Said the grand Châtelaine:
And at once we know it’s going to be OK.

We’ll meet again,
Swore the Queen, And Amen.
And although it may once more take place by screen,
I preened anew,
Just looking forward to
My confirmed post-viral meeting with the Queen.