Poems of the Week

The “Fauci Ouchy”

(Confessions of an Easily Bruised Bard)

by Steve Bremner

“The Center City Vaccination Center runs because of more than 100 FEMA staff, 230 Department of Defense staff (including more than 220 sailors and marines), Civil Air Patrol mobilized in support of the Pa. Emergency Management Agency, and more than 40 Pa. National Guard members…”

I was called to the Huge Vaxing Center,
(For they’d classed me “1A or 1B”).
There were lines by the yard, lots of National Guard,
FEMA, cops, and a few CDC.
And swift and serene was the Center,
(Apart from a few muffled eeks);
I was jabbed, told: “Rest there, for a while, on that chair,”
Then told to come back in three weeks.

So I duly returned to the Center,
Where I offered my arm for more fun,
And the serviceman who was now giving Part Two
Said I had a bad bruise from Part One.
I was given a tag by the Center,
(Like those stickers, I VOTED TODAY):
Behold my bold owner, resistant to ‘Rona! …
I sneezed and the thing blew away.

So now I’m all done with the Center,
But my “site” is a pitiful sight;
It’s purple and blue with a yellowish hue,
And it hurts me to lie on at night.
And the band-aid bestowed by the Center?
Yes, I should’ve removed it way quicker.
I’ll not pick or pound it, I’ll just wash around it
Until it drops off like that sticker.