Poems of the Week

The Right Thing to Do

by Bruce Bennett

“‘Casablanca’ had a rocky start.”
The Washington Post

Humphrey, Ingrid, that whole crew
had no notion what to do.
Though the script was full of “corn,”
Lo! a Classic had been born.

Nothing seemed to go quite right.
Yet they carried on, despite
Grave misgivings, rewrites, doubt.
Et voilà! It all worked out.

What’s the moral? Forge ahead.
Don’t assume the whole thing’s dead.
Don’t give up. No! Give a damn!
Play it, play it, play it, Sam,

Till the stars and stars align.
Just persist. You will be fine.
Love will conquer. Carry on.
You’ll survive, though she is gone.

You will fret, but what the hell?
You succeeded, played it well.
Played it up, man, played your part.

Never mind about your heart.